Baby discovers languages

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The only app that allows toddlers to absorb foreign languages!
Researchers in neurology and cognitive scientists have determined that the neuronal faculties have an exponential growth between 0 and 2 years.
From 2,500 synaptic connections at his birth, his brain will grow up to 15,000 connections in just two years!

At this stage of its evolution, baby is a particularly active learner!

"Baby discovers languages" is an app developed specifically to satisfy his appetite for knowledge and that will allow him to make use of his native language but also to discover and differentiate between foreign languages .

And even, to extend the game with your child, you can try to repeat the various expressions in 5 languages contained within the application.

You will be truly amazed by the faculties of memory he will be showing.

How to use this application with your child?

Issued for the 12 months toddlers and older, "Baby discovers languages" includes four activities.

At the start of this app, it is recommended to assist the child in discovering pictures that are hidden under the puzzle parts. Naming objects or situations, will already be a source of wonder and discovery for toddlers!

It is also possible to vary the difficulty! For example, we may well consider asking the young child to remove the puzzle parts by color to develop color recognition.
Thereafter, it will be recommended to spice the game up by making him listen to one foreign language after another, each of the pictures he has previously memorized.

Quickly and effortlessly, the young child will be able to understand lingual diversity, and why not, to repeat, in five languages, the words learned during the game!