Count with your fingers!

iPhone / iPad / Android / Amazon / Samsung

To learn how to count with his fingers at an early age, and discover the figures and the numbers in nine languages !

Simply tap the screen with one or more fingers (function " multitouch " ) to display various objects. The young child will thus make his first learning in a fun, practical and intuitive way.

How to play with your child?

- In the first activity, let him freely explore the possibilities of the application. When he puts one or more fingers on the screen, one or more objects appear with the pronunciation of the corresponding number. He can add or remove some objects ( moving them to the trash ) and hear the new number.

- At the top of the screen, this number is shown in the form of fingers, dominoes and numbers. (you can only display some of these pictures)

- Feel free to interact with your child, for example, disable the sound and ask him what is the number of objects and check together. Sing together " rhyme numbers ", in ascending or descending order.

- By clicking on the flags on the right of the screen, you can hear the numbers in nine languages : English, German, American, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian. A unique opportunity to raise your child's awareness to the sounds of foreign languages ! You could for example have fun identifying the similarities and differences between these different languages.

- In the other activities, your child must answer the questions: show a set of objects by placing your fingers on the screen or give in the same way the result of several simple additions. There are two difficulty levels: up to 5 and up to 10.

This innovative application allows the child to develop his cognitive and sensorimotor skills : acquisition of the number concept, recognition of handwritten numbers, visual and auditory memory, logic and reasoning, precision of movement, etc. .