The Hidden Music of Birdsong – The World of Larks - Texts and recordings by Jean ROCHÉ


Did you know that the Eurasian Skylark can emit and hear 300 sounds a second, while our human ear cannot distinguish beyond 30 sounds per second and above 30 sounds only hears one continuous sound. Certain passerine birds therefore have 10 times greater hearing than we do!

Jean Roché, one of the world's greatest specialists of the world of birds, introduces us here to the hidden music of birdsong.

He tells us about his journeys to the four corners of the world, and shares with us the emotion of hearing and recording bird song, whether in a snowstorm in Lapland or a mild summer night in Provence.

In this volume devoted to Larks, learn the characteristics of these familiar birds and listen to the songs of each Lark species in slow motion, for the very first time. Discover the amazing variety of music, from the ultra-rapid, continuous song of the Eurasian Skylark, to the equal, short notes of the Greater Short-Toed Lark, to the lengthy notes of the two alternating phrases sung by the Greater Hoopoe-Lark.

Lovely watercolours and sketches from the field add to your discovery of each species.

Musicians since the Middle Ages have considered the song of certain birds to be part of the world of music and many have drawn inspiration from bird song.

Author: Jean Roché
Illustrations: Serge Nicolle